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  • Huta Stalowa Wola S.A. is a producer and supplier of wide range of military equipment. The company has the longest traditions in Polish Defence Industry: both in the design field as well as in building, production and trade areas.

    In our business we focus upon delivering of such products and solutions which combine:

    • bulletsmall.png Characteristics and parameters as expected by our users,
    • bulletsmall.png Creativity of our engineers and technologists in building of a product: starting from the moment when the first idea of it is born,
    • bulletsmall.png Unique solutions, only possible to be introduced during the early design and production stages,
    • bulletsmall.png High quality and best class servicing guaranteed by the producer’s responsibility,
    • bulletsmall.png System solutions offered as a ready to use military equipment modules.

    Our professionalism, confirmed by our 70 years long military production traditions is our key advantage in offering cooperative services to our clients. We produce ready-made products and provide technical services based both on our own design as well as upon client’s documentation. To find out more about our offer you can watch our film download our pdf folder or contact our Sales Office.

  • HSW S.A. as a reliable business partner was given a Certificate of Business Reliability.

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