Huta Stalowa Wola S.A. for years, it has been undertaking a number of initiatives aimed at minimizing the negative impact of its bravery on the natural environment. HSW S.A. successively optimizes resource management processes (water, raw materials, materials), and conducts an active policy of minimizing waste generated in the spirit of Zero Waste. When designing and managing products and processes, we try to reduce the volume of waste, process and recover resources, and transfer the generated waste for disposal to authorized external companies for which environmental protection issues are a priority.

Ochrona Środowiska - HSW S.A.

Environmental Protection – HSW S.A.

We build environmental awareness of our employees, which is why we have consciously implemented and we are happy to use electronic document circulation. This results in time savings of our employees, but also more economical use of paper. In addition, we promote the possibility of managing the wood packaging waste (boxes, pallets, pallet collars) directly by employees, which are used in their gardens, farms, garden paths and balconies.

We focus on environmental education and the future of future generations, which is why we plan to cooperate with kindergartens and schools, especially in the field of promoting the Zero Waste social campaign, including waste segregation, minimizing its production and its subsequent management.

Caring for the stakeholders and our partners around us, increased attention to environmental and social issues, while respecting employees are the determinants that constitute the basis for the promotion of social responsibility and conducting business activities taking into account social and environmental needs.