New Amphibious Infantry Fighting Vehicle BORSUK

New, amphibious infantry fighting vehicle codename „Borsuk” („Badger”) is able to cross wide water obstacles, has high maneuverability and can be used in various terrain and weather conditions. The vehicle is designated to transport and protect the crew and infantry soldiers against small arms fire, AT grenade launchers and IEDs.

The amphibious IFV „Borsuk” is developed under the contract DOB-BiO5/001/05/2014 with the National Research and Development Centre for execution and financing of the project for security and defense of the State within the competition no 5/ 2014.

Remote-controlled turret system is designed to combat, destroy and suppress enemy light and heavy armoured targets and other objects, including the enemy’s infrastructure, in different climate conditions and to provide fire support for units during combat activities, irrespective of the time of the day.