We offer a wide range of specialist tests:

  • VT visual research in the sector; (in), (wp), (t)
  • PT penetration tests in the sector; (c), (f), (w), (wp), (t)
  • MT Magnetic particle testing in the sector; (c), (f), (w), (wp), (t)
  • UT ultrasonic testing in the sector; (c), (f), (w), (wp), (t)
  • RT radiographic examinations in the sector; (c), (f), (w), (wp), (t)

The scope of NDT tests includes surface and volume methods allowing for comprehensive analysis of the tested object using devices and technical solutions developed for the production of HSW S.A. products.

For the conducted qualitative verifications the following are used:

  • magnetic flaw detector chamber equipped with a power generator enabling magnetization of tested elements with an intensity of up to 7000 [A] – we carry out type I and II tests (fluorescent penetrant, color penetrant) of objects with dimensions up to Ø 400 [mm] and L 9000 [mm] (rods, pipes );
  • X-ray chamber enabling the assessment of large-size welded structures and metallurgical products (forgings, castings, etc.) with the possibility of x-rays of steel products with dimensions max. 4.4 x 10 x 2.5 [m], weight up to 15 [T] and cross sections up to 100 [mm]. Radiographic tests are carried out using X-ray tubes and isotope flaw detectors.

Our staff has competences confirmed by certificates in accordance with the requirements of PN – EN ISO 9712, grade 2 and 3.

In accordance with the requirements of the Atomic Law of November 29, 2000 (Article 32.c point 2) we would like to inform you that the performance by HSW S.A. of activities related to exposure to ionizing radiation takes place without affecting the general population and the environment.